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Ria E. Mac Carthy for Max Skara

Today my photo exhibition “Rock’n’Roll, Wheels & Dolls” got an article on the top Italian Custom webzine, and i am very proud of it! 

In october you can still visit the real exhibition in Trieste (Italy) or see some samples in the online photogallery @

Giulia Borio for Max Skara

Mua Lory Ladydiabolika

Dangerous Curves Ahead !

"Red" - Stella seen by Max Skara

Jessica seen by Max Skara

"My lovely dark angel"

Miele Rancido for The Soul Stealer

Dreaming Blonde

Dangerous Babe !

Milky Way above the Tuscany Coast, shooted from Elba Island ! I really enjoyed staying in the warm summer night taking pictures for hours ….

Take care man!

Sorry dear i forgot to cook your dinner….forgive me!